Spring Joy Photography Tag (…A Year Late…)

*shuffles into room and grins sheepishly*

Happy First Day of Spring, everyone!

….Sooo, last year, I got tagged to do this fun photo challenge by the lovely creator, Lily May over on the Misty Mayflower. And since I love taking photos *cough understatement cough*, I was excited to take it on. But then life happened, and spring was fast disappearing into summer, then fall, and then…yeah, time got away from me *lol* and I kinda lost my chance. However, as spring approached again, I decided to take it on once more! (once I remembered to review the prompts again XD. I wanted to take new photos this time. I also got a newer camera last winter, so what better way to test it out! I just love the aperture settings on it!)

*ahem* Anyway. Let’s see how I did for this challenge…

The rules, officiale!

First, thank the person who tagged you and link back to their site.

Second, take the photos using the prompts!

Third, tag (about) six people and link to their sites.

And nominees (or whoever does this), feel free to change up any of the prompts or rules for yourself or for those whom you tag.

Ready, set go!

First set of prompts…

For the ‘all green’ prompt, I found an outcropping of rocks just covered with soft green moss. Isn’t it so pretty? After the heavy rainfall that week, it just turned the whole thing a vibrant green. The ‘sunshiny’ prompt is a picture of one of our daisies (I forgot which variety this one was). All our daisies have been rather perky, whether it was raining, hailing, or even snowing (and can I just say, I LOVED how the green background turned out!) And speaking of flowers, tiny white, pink, and orange wildflowers have been popping up everywhere! Perfect for a ‘miniature’ prompt.

Also, as I was putting this post together, I realized I hadn’t officially taken a photo of something with a living creature. (and as I’m writing this, we’re having a massive downpour all week…so, I don’t really have a chance to get back out there to shoot more photos). I went back through my files and found one with a woodpecker, but then I saw this one with our neighbor’s horses. I mean, isn’t he cute?! A whole herd of 7-8 horses were out in the field grazing last month, and this guy wanted a selfie *lol* (or maybe he thought my little camera was something to eat?) He had to go in the graphic!

Finally, for the ‘somebody enjoying nature’ prompt, I took a snapshot of one of my sisters. We had hiked to the top of this hill and paused to enjoy the view, which was amazing.

Final set of prompts…

For the prompt that said ‘something that reminds you of a story’, I saw this outcropping of rocks on the lake shore near our home. At that angle, it looked like a wolf howling, which made me think of the books Call of the Wild and A Wolf Story (I’ve never read the first one, but I’ve read the second one years ago.)

The ‘something holding onto winter’ prompt is one of my absolute favorites! You may have heard me talk about an unusual snowfall in my previous post; this was one of the close-up shots, where the snow was clinging to our pine tree. I just love how the snow melted and formed that little drop! Doesn’t it look like a tiny jewel?

The black and white photo is an edited shot of another wildflower (I usually edit photos to be black and white, since I don’t like shooting in that mode per se); and of course, for the ‘something just plain beautiful’ prompt, I had to include (you guessed it!) a sunset XD.

Last, but not least, I give you a mini rock tower for something ‘non photogenic’. I don’t know if it’s done elsewhere, but where we live, you’ll often see these rocks stacked up near hiking trails or creeks. Maybe some are used as trail markers, but more often they seem to be little works of art, made just for fun (They’re often stacked on big flat rocks that just out into the creeks, etc. We’ve even seen some stacked near the beach too). My family and I have either added to the ones we found, or made a couple of our own. It’s rather fun!

And now presenting the nominees!




Anne Leueen




And if any of you want to pass, or only do a few of the prompts (instead of the whole thing), feel free!

The prompts!

Take a photo of…

Something miniature

Something all green

Something with a living creature

Somebody enjoying nature

Something that reminds you of a story (and say what story it reminds you of!)

Something Non photogenic

Something Black and White

Something holding onto winter

Something sun-shiny

Something Just Plain Beautiful

How’s the start to your spring? Have you ever built a tower out of rocks? Do you still have snow where you live, or has the weather started getting warmer yet? (also, if it keeps raining over here, we’ll really need a boat! If you have one, could you send it our way?)


26 thoughts on “Spring Joy Photography Tag (…A Year Late…)

  1. Whoah! That does look like a howling wolf! And you gotta read call of the wild!
    I think the pile of rocks in kinda photogenic. But I’ve never built my own.
    The rocks with moss are my faves though!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cool, I’ll have to check into it (I think I’ve seen tv series/movie adaptions…unless that was based off a different book? *shrugs* Lol.)

      Haha, I guess it is! They’re fun to make, so I hope you get a chance to try it. Thank you for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Eeeeee, these are beautiful, Lily!!! That’s so cool how that rock looks like a wolf howling! XD Thank you so much for the tag! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw, thanks! I saw a guy with a cowboy hat riding his horse one day (it was one of those palominos), and I thought of Roy Rogers and his horse. But since I didn’t have permission to take a photo, I thought the wolf-rock would be a better fit XD.
      And sure thing! I can’t wait to see your photos too 🙂


  3. Wow! Loved the post and the photos (they are so beautiful) 😊
    I’m so glad it’s Spring now – it’s my favorite season. Where I live it never snows: I remember that it happened only once, in 2018. Furthermore, the temperatures aren’t that cold: today it rained all day (I think the sky should celebrate the arrival of Spring 😁), but I checked the forecast and it should be sunny all week. Anyway, I’m not very good at taking pictures, but I will definitely write a post on my blog about this amazing season

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I’m so glad you enjoyed it.
      Ah wow, only once? Did you get enough snow to make a snowman?

      Yes, spring is such a beautiful season! Haha, the sky definitely should. I hope you enjoy the sunnier weather this week, then. Oh, I’d love to see your spring photos in your post!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh cool! I’ll have to keep an eye out for those when I travel out of state. So cool to know it’s done elsewhere.
      Aw, thank you so much! I still have much to learn lol, but I do love the idea. Thanks for your encouragment and sweet comment 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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