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I’m Lily! (That’s what all my friends call me). It’s really nice to meet you; come, pull up a chair and visit with me.

Welcome to my author website! I’m a writer of children’s/MG books who strives to bring fun and meaningful, stories to kids. I believe in expanding their horizons, getting them to think for themselves, and inspire them to dream big. Imagination is powerful, and I hope that my stories encourage that part in them. Have fun looking around, and please subscribe if you want to be notified of my new blog posts! (it’s where I share about my writer’s journey, life-updates, writing tips, and encouragement for both writers and readers! I’d love to meet you, so feel free to chat with me in the comments or on my contact page.)

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Hi! I’m Lillian Keith, and I’m the author of an MG short story called An Apprentice Escapes. I’m an introvert at heart, told I’m rather introspective, and I love a good pun… Read more.

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Also, I love hearing differing opinions from my readers, but I do ask that you keep comments respectful out of courtesy for other readers (You know, no swear words or anything inappropriate. It’s possible some of my readers may be middle graders/young teens). Otherwise, I’m afraid I can’t approve it on my blog. Thank you so much for understanding!

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